Pro-Teck Expands Northeast Footprint

Pro-Teck Services, a regional provider of residential insurance inspections in New England, has expanded its full services into New York and New Jersey.

Working with a single vendor and expanding the coverage area to include New York and New Jersey improves underwriter productivity, while bringing the report quality delivered in New England into more areas, the company says.

Pro-Teck says its experience in the New England area, which is known for having a wide variety of home styles and types, as well as a large range of values and risk influences (e.g., weather and water – both inland and shoreline), positions the company to serve the new regions.

"Recognizing that turn-time and process quality can both be enhanced by including New York and New Jersey into the Northeast region for inspection purposes has been a component in the continuous improvement process we employ with all our clients," says Mary Gould, insurance sales director with Pro-Teck.

SOURCE: Pro-Teck Services


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