Radian Launches Marketing Campaign To Drum Up MI Business

Radian Guaranty Inc., the private mortgage insurance (MI) subsidiary of Radian Group Inc., has launched a lender-focused marketing campaign, ‘Radian Is Ready,’ that the company says highlights its readiness for writing new MI business, as well as its position as an alternative to the Federal Housing Administration (FHA).

The campaign is reaching out to lenders through a dedicated website at www.radianisready.com, which features the president of Radian's MI business, Teresa Bryce, as well as sample scenarios and a video featuring the benefits of private- versus government-funded MI.

"Not only do we have the capacity to write more business, but we also believe we have the guidelines, products and financial stability to help lenders compete and win business in the midst of a recovering economy," Bryce says.

SOURCE: Radian Group Inc.


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