Report Clears Florida AG In Firing Of Foreclosure Attorneys

Report Clears Florida AG In Firing Of Foreclosure Attorneys A state investigation into Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi has found no evidence of wrongdoing in her office's firing of two attorneys in charge of statewide foreclosure fraud investigations.

The Miami Herald reports that the report by the inspector general of Florida's chief financial officer found no evidence that Bondi's office acted with political motivation. Instead, the report faulted the two attorneys, June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards, with improper conduct.

In a press statement, Bondi expressed relief that her office was vindicated.

‘Today's 84-page inspector general report concluded that the termination of two staff employees was based on their 'disorganization'; 'non-responsiveness' to public records requests; 'factual errors' in public presentations; 'sloppy' work; and 'incorrect legal theories' that hindered investigations into critical cases dealing with foreclosure fraud,’ she said. ‘The report confirms the terminations had nothing to do with politics or outside influence. Rather, it was about doing the right thing, in defense of the people of Florida.

‘I will only have the very best, most skilled people on the job – those who embody the highest standards of ethics, responsibility, professionalism and performance,’ Bondi added. ‘These two staff attorneys clearly and repeatedly failed to measure up to these standards. The report concludes the employees were terminated after 'demonstrating poor judgment and lack of independent investigation on high-profile foreclosure mill cases.’


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