Report: Lending Playing Field Levels For Credit Unions

business models that led to the failure of many national commercial banks and non-depository mortgage bankers has created an opportunity for credit unions to gain mortgage lending market share. Credit unions are well positioned to increase their mortgage lending market share, according to a new [u][link=]white paper[/link][/u] from tech provider The white paper recommends that credit unions grow market share by emphasizing their core advantages, including ‘strong relationships with their members, healthy balance sheets, and an abundance of expertise through seasoned mortgage professionals and outsource service providers,’ writes author Lionel Urban, president of The paper also addresses key findings from the case studies of credit unions Patrion Mortgage and Hawaii State Federal Credit Union. The findings show how they have grown their respective market share, and established themselves as leaders in the mortgage lending field by implementing Web-based imaging tools and lending technology. SOURCE: PCLen


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