RES.NET Adds Custom Tasking Functionality To Short Sale Portal

RES.NET says it has added custom tasking functionality to the company's short sale portal, enabling servicers and asset managers to create customized workflows, define tasks and administer changes without using programming resources.

‘Today, servicers frequently need to alter their workflow and activities, and with many solutions a single update or even a small modification can take months and cost thousands of dollars – an expenditure of time and money they simply can not afford,’ says Todd Mobraten, chief operating officer and president of RES.NET and parent company USRES.

‘Adding the custom tasking functionality to the short sale portal lets users manage this important and increasingly prevalent loss mitigation process through a customizable portal that connects all stakeholders,’ he adds.

The portal provides servicers with tools such as electronic file submission and automated workflow, which allows them to operate without paper, and better organize and track all documentation and activities. The portal facilitates communication among servicers, homeowners and agents, and with the custom tasking feature, various stakeholders can now define required changes in the system and update their workflow at any time.


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