RES.NET Launches Agent-Focused Platform

Lake Forest, Calif.-based RES.NET has launched its Accelerated Management Platform (AMP), which is designed to help real estate agents manage tasks, store data, and organize prospects and contacts.

RES.NET, a software application company established in 2003, hosts a network that connects asset managers across the real estate owned supply chain.

Todd Mobraten, chief operating officer for RES.NET's parent company, US Real Estate Services, says that offering a full-scale application to real estate agents was ‘key’ to continuing the build-out of the RES.NET community.

"RES.NET recognizes the real estate agent as the core element in any real estate transaction," Mobraten says.

Prior to releasing its agent-focused AMP, RES.NET had diversified its applications with the addition of property valuation and short-sale platforms.



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