Reverse Mortgage Originator Launches Nat’l. Marketing Campaign

Irvine, Calif.-based originator American Advisors Group (AAG) has initiated a two-part national television campaign that touts the potential benefits of reverse mortgages.

The campaign's first phase is currently running on network and cable stations nationwide. The second round of commercials will feature AAG customer testimonials.

‘We have testimonials from people in tears of joy because this financial product has saved them from dire situations," says Teague McGrath, vice president of marketing for AAG. "In one recent instance, we were able to postpone the foreclosure sale scheduled on a senior's property and negotiate a reduced payoff (short sale) from both her first and second mortgages."

Beginning in October, the AAG marketing campaign will feature a celebrity spokesperson who the company says is widely recognized and "representative of the company's values of transparency and expertise."

In this campaign, the company will expand efforts to "tell the great news story about reverse mortgages through more, everyday experiences of seniors," McGrath adds.

SOURCE: American Advisors Group


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