RMS Introduces Services For REO Leasing

Houston-based REO Leasing Solutions LLC (R2L), a wholly owned subsidiary of RMS, has introduced a suite of services to assist property investors with leasing distressed residential assets and reinstating value to those troubled assets.

Using a consumer-focused approach to handling single-family assets either in default or taken over by lenders, R2L's asset retention methodology enables borrowers to stay in their homes, investors to continue receiving a return on their investment and local municipalities to maintain a tax-revenue stream, the company says. The R2L business model leverages a network of local brokers and property managers.

"When loss mitigation efforts have failed and the numbers do not justify selling or retaining the asset, it's time to consider leasing the property," adds C. Alan Paylor, president of REO Leasing Solutions. "It should be clear to most in the market today that a non-income-producing or vacant property serves no purpose."

SOURCE: REO Leasing Solutions LLC


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