ServiceLink Launches Appraiser Panel Management Product Line

eLink, a provider of origination and default services and the national mortgage services platform of Fidelity National Financial, has launched its Appraiser Panel Management (APM) product line, which enables mortgage lenders to leverage ServiceLink's management staff and technologies to certify their compliance with the Home Valuation Code of Conduct (HVCC) while continuing to leverage the lender's own appraiser panel. ‘The intent of our APM product is to provide lenders with an appraisal valuation solution that fully complies with the HVCC, while not forcing the lender to abandon the individual appraiser relationships that they have developed over years of trusted service," says Jeff Coury, president and CEO of ServiceLink. "This process has allowed our participating lenders to realize reductions in end-to-end processing, improvements to their borrower's experience and enhancements to their quality control processes, all while providing technology solutions to their existing panel of appraisers." ServiceLink's APM solution allows the lender to upload its panel of appraisers (including all of the required parameters, such as license type and other state certifications, performance expectations, market experience, product experience) into a lender-specific instance of the Vision software that is managed and operated by ServiceLink. All appraisal management processes, including lender contact, borrower contact, appraiser contact, performance evaluation, transaction payment and quality control reviews, are performed by a lender-focused group within ServiceLink. SOURCE: Serv


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