Shore Mortgage Revives ‘We Understand’ Program

Shore Mortgage, based in Birmingham, Mich., says that it will revive its ‘We Understand’ program, which provides a $100,000 fund to reward what it defines as the ‘forgotten yet conscientious homeowner who is current with their mortgage payments at any mortgage company and who applied for the money for his or her primary residence.’

Shore Mortgage's borrowers in southeastern Michigan are invited to apply for this program. Up to 100 awards will be distributed, and successful applicants will receive funds that will be applied to up to three monthly mortgage payments, with a maximum payout of $1,000.

‘Giving continues to be our corporate policy,’ says Shore Mortgage President Robert Rahal. ‘We are passionate about the people who do everything right. They are in true need of assistance today – they cut back on their spending so that they can pay their obligations, and their reward for being responsible is that they are ignored. ‘

Applications are available on Shore Mortgage's website, and entries will be accepted through Dec. 15.

SOURCE: Shore Mortgage


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