SIFMA Site Now Carries Federal Agency Bond Data

The Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) says it is now carrying price data for approximately 25,000 federal agency bonds on its Web site.

The new data are available via a feed from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority following an expansion of its Trade Reporting and Compliance Engine to include debt issued by federal government agencies, government corporations and government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs).

Agency bonds are issued by two types of entities: GSEs, which are usually federally chartered but privately owned corporations, and federal government agencies, which may issue or guarantee these bonds. Agency bonds are issued in a variety of structures, coupon rates and maturities. Each GSE and Federal agency issues its own bonds, with sizes and terms appropriate to the needs and purposes of the financing.

Via an agency bond trade ticker, Web site users can now view trade time, abbreviated issuer name, CUSIP number (the unique identifier for the security), coupon and maturity date, price, yield and number of bonds traded, along with any notes.

The site also offers a list of the most heavily traded bonds over the last five trading days, or on the current trading day, SIFMA says.



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