Solidifi Announces Appraisal Warranty Insurance Programs

fi, a provider of property valuation services, has launched the Solidifi CoverageMAX and Solidifi CoveragePLUS insurance programs. The new programs are designed to specifically address weaknesses in previous appraisal insurance coverage concepts that have been tried without significant success in protecting lenders and those who buy their loans, the company says. Working with Companion Specialty Insurance Group and Wells Fargo Special Risks, Inc., Solidifi has created two representation and warranty programs that address the risk mitigation concerns of mortgage lenders and their investors. Solidifi CoverageMAX protects lenders against loss incurred on foreclosures and most repurchase requests caused by valuation inaccuracies, and is available for virtually all loan types at various levels of loan-to-value, credit score and loan amount, Solidifi explains. Solidifi CoveragePLUS similarly protects lenders against losses incurred on repurchases and foreclosures, but with some limitations and lower premiums than those of CoverageMAX. SOURCE: [link=]Solidifi Inc.


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