Solidifi Introduces Collateral Underwriting Solution

fi Inc., a technology-based provider of property valuation and collateral risk management services, has introduced Solidifi Decision, an end-to-end collateral loan origination system (LOS) and underwriting platform. Solidifi Decision enables lenders and mortgage insurers to manage their entire collateral policy at an enterprise level, from underwriting to portfolio management to collections and recovery, the company says. The solution integrates risk rules, automates workflow and combines data analytics. Built for turnkey implementation, using Web 2.0 technology and deployed as software as a service (SaaS), lenders and insurers can integrate Solidifi Decision with existing systems, while fully configuring each tool set to their individual lending guidelines and business policies, the company adds. Solidifi's digital rights management framework provides users control and flexibility to determine data-sharing and usage rights. SOURCE: So


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