S&P FIRMS Launches Investor Data Feed

Standard & Poor's (S&P) Fixed Income Risk Management Services (FIRMS), an analytics and research unit separate from S&P's ratings business, has announced the availability of a new data feed for investors that can help them evaluate exposure and risk in the U.S. residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) market.

S&P's Global Data Solutions-U.S. RMBS Edition provides loan-level performance data on subprime, Alt-A, prime jumbo and additional collateral types. The data feed's granular data includes static origination details, as well as dynamic performance data, including delinquency status, current balance, current interest rate and more.

The firm says robust data-quality standards and metrics have been established to maximize the accuracy of the data. The monthly data feed will provide users with detailed performance information within a few days of availability. Additionally, S&P is planning to include in the feed the American Securitization Forum's ASF LINC, a loan identifier applied at the loan level and intended to help identify and track mortgages throughout their lifetime as they are bought, sold and securitized.

‘In today's environment, it is essential for investors to have access to granular and timely loan-level data,’ says David Goldstein, managing director with S&P. ‘Because S&P collects much of this information for our own research and analysis, we recognized that we could further assist investors track month-to-month loan performance, identify loan default trends, and monitor performance pools at a deal level by giving them access to Standard & Poor's Global Data Solutions' [U.S. RMBS] data."

Investors can select the type of feed they would like to receive based on their individual needs: a universe feed or a deal-based or loan-based subset of the U.S. RMBS Edition.

SOURCE Standard & Poor's


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