Specialty Servicer Teams With Attorney Network

Statebridge Co., a Denver-based specialty servicer, has partnered with the American Legal & Financial Network (AFN) to form a 50-state network of mortgage banking attorneys to assist with its loan servicing efforts.

‘While there are many legal providers in our industry today, membership within Statebridge's Select Attorney Network verifies the attorney is 100% committed to that business philosophy and our high-touch approach,’ says David McDonnell, managing director of Statebridge.

William LeRoy, president and CEO of the AFN, says the new partnership provides a unique approach to servicing.Â

"By working in concert with the Statebridge team we can help to raise the mortgage loan servicing industry's bar in risk avoidance, quality legal services and overall excellence," LeRoy says.

SOURCES: Statebridge Co., AFN


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