Start-Up Offers Commercial Loan Services

A new commercial real estate loan services company has officially been launched under the name Peloton Asset & Loan Services LLC. Headed by Don Kalescky, an industry veteran of 35 years, the firm is based in Dallas and specializes in loan administration, asset management and credit underwriting, as well as support for special projects and management consulting.

Peloton Asset & Loan Services provides loan servicing (post-loan origination until payoff), negotiation and analysis of requests for loan modifications, extensions for maturing loans, waivers and consents, and can coordinate transaction processing and closing.

The company offers management and operational reviews, project management, compliance reviews, documentation and training support. Peloton Asset & Loan Services will assist clients with loan due diligence, portfolio valuation, loan asset reviews, commercial mortgage-backed security waterfall analysis and trailing documentation.

SOURCE: Peloton Asset & Loan Services


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