SunTrust Now Running On Metavante Platform

nd, Va.-based SunTrust Mortgage Inc. has successfully deployed Metavante Corp.'s online point-of-sale technology in its retail and third-party mortgage operations, Metavante reports. SunTrust Mortgage is using Metavante's origination platform to provide improved loan quality controls for retail, correspondent and wholesale mortgage lending channels. The Web-based system incorporates Metavante's automated decision engine, which enables retail loan officers, origination call centers, correspondent lenders and mortgage brokers to obtain information about SunTrust Mortgage's products, including eligibility, pricing and underwriting findings. In addition, Metavante provides Federal Housing Administration and Veterans Affairs lending capabilities for SunTrust Mortgage to support the company's goal of growing its government lending infrastructure. "With Metavante's origination platform, we have an enhanced ability to implement and adhere to investor guidelines and risk-based pricing," says Sterling Edmunds, president of SunTrust Mortgage. "We are intensely focused on credit quality and the overall quality of each loan file itself, especially since the mortgage lending process has become increasingly more complex. By pushing our rules to the point-of-sale, we believe that we have significantly improved the customer's experience and are better able to present the right product at the right price from the very beginning of the application process." SOURCE: Metavant


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