Two Wholesale Lenders Join NRMLA Program

ell Financial Inc. of Richmond, Va., and Generation Mortgage Co. of Atlanta have joined the [link=][u]National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association[/u][/link] (NRMLA) as charter members of the association's new Wholesale Lenders Program. Launched July 17, the Wholesale Lenders Program provides information to lenders and brokers on delivering reverse mortgages to investors. NRMLA notes that the reverse mortgage marketplace continues to grow at a rapid pace. The number of lenders approved by the Federal Housing Administration to originate reverse mortgages leaped from 1,001 in January 2008 to 2,461 in June 2009. Other Wholesale Lender Program participants include Senior Lending Network, Bank of America Home Loans, Metlife Home Loans and Genworth Financial Home Equity Access Inc. SOURCE: [link=]NRMLA[/


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