UrbanAmerica Advisors, Green River Capital Form MBE JV

UrbanAmerica Advisors and Green River Capital (GRC) have created a joint-venture minority business enterprise (MBE) called UrbanAmerica Res Services. The new company combines UrbanAmerica Advisors' national infrastructure and local community development relationships with GRC's services for management of real estate owned properties and short sales.

UrbanAmerica Res Services, headquartered in Dallas, has built relationships in strategic markets with local organizations, including community development corporations and faith-based entities, in addition to local residential real estate brokerages. The firm has offices in 22 locations throughout the U.S.

"We've observed that there is insufficient participation throughout this services sector by minority-owned companies and real estate brokers,’ says Richmond S. McCoy, co-founder and chairman of UrbanAmerica Res Services. ‘These are the very people who can most effectively impart solutions in the communities disproportionately affected by the crisis.’

SOURCES: UrbanAmerica Advisors, Green River Capital


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