USFN Works With Red Cross To Support New Orleans Community Relief

a national not-for-profit network of attorneys, trustee companies and associates providing default services, recently took time out of its most recent mortgage servicing seminar to join forces with the American Red Cross Southeast Louisiana Chapter to support community needs in New Orleans, according to USFN Executive Director and CEO Alberta Hultman. Held on June 4, 50 attendees participated in a special service project designed to contribute to those in need in the New Orleans area. The day began with a bus tour through some of the city areas most affected by Hurricane Katrina. After returning to the Red Cross headquarters, USFN attendees met with Southeast Louisiana Chapter CEO Kay Wilkins, who shared stories of the challenges faced by the city both immediately after the storm and currently. The group then assembled more than 330 comfort kits, which will be provided in the future to families who are displaced due to a disaster. The kits, 3,000 of which are distributed locally each year, include essential personal necessities, such as shampoo and toothpaste. "To be able to assist the Red Cross in New Orleans was an extremely fulfilling experience for those who participated," says Hultman. "This was only one event that demonstrates how our members and industry professionals give back. I am constantly encouraged by the spirit and dedication of the mortgage servicing community to support those in need." SOURC


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