Valligent Releases Appraiser Price Opinion

Valligent, the valuation provider formerly known as EAS, has released the Desktop Risk and Valuation Engine (DRiVE), a new product suite the company describes as an alternative to broker price opinions (BPOs).

‘Over the past several years, our industry has witnessed a huge degradation in the quality of property valuations,’ says Jeremy McCarty, Valligent's CEO. ‘Five million BPOs are performed every year, and while they are very inexpensive, a growing addiction to these inferior valuation products has contributed to the crisis of confidence we're seeing in our industry today.’

Each DRiVE report includes detailed property information, local market trends and a foreclosure risk analysis developed by one of Valligent's certified senior review appraisers, the company says. Each appraiser is trained and licensed in compliance with Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice and all appropriate regulations in their respective jurisdictions.Â
SOURCE: Valligent


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