Valuation Partners Certifies Appraiser Proximity

Valuation Partners, a national real estate valuations provider based in Sugar Land, Texas, is now certifying that all new orders are performed by appraisers who have the local knowledge and market expertise to complete the assignment. The company will provide these certifications – called Appraiser Proximity Certifications – on every order at no additional cost.

Using geo-coding technology, each Appraiser Proximity Certification includes an automatically generated map showing the location of both the subject property and the appraiser's place of business. Prior to accepting the order, the appraiser will acknowledge the distance between his or her office and the property is correct, which Valuation Partners says helps ensure that the appraiser has sufficient knowledge of the area to provide an accurate valuation.

"In the current environment, we believe it's extremely important to fully certify the local expertise of our fee appraisers," says Bill Fall, CEO of Valuation Partners. "Our Appraiser Proximity Certifications will provide lenders extra peace of mind and assurance that the right expert is on the job."

Valuation Partners provides vendor management, appraisal reviews and collateral assessments, as well as access to a network of 10,000 fee appraisers nationwide. It is a subsidiary of the William Fall Group, a national provider of appraisals and valuation services and products.

SOURCE: Valuation Partners LLC


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