Vasrue Capital Dives Into REO And Asset Acquisition

Vasrue Capital Investments, a real estate solutions provider principally focused on the secondary mortgage market, has recently launched a new asset management solution. Fully funded to invest in pools valued up to $50 million of the unpaid principal balance (UPB), the company says it is positioned to acquire troubled assets.

Vasrue Capital Investments works directly with mortgage sellers, bypassing brokers and intermediaries, to identify, research, appraise and purchase selective performing and nonperforming commercial and single-family residential real estate owned assets throughout Indiana, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, California and parts of Illinois.

The company works with all-sized investment, commercial, regional and community banks nationwide to acquire assets. In turn, those banks are better equipped to lend money, Vasrue Capital Investments says.

The end-to-end process typically requires less than 20 days to complete, beginning with a preliminary review of the seller's property by a senior underwriter. If interested, the seller is notified within three business days and asked to complete all necessary loan paperwork. At that time, Vasrue Capital Investment works with the seller to formally agree upon a price. The company then guides the seller through pre-closing, closing and post-close activities.

SOURCE: Vasrue Capital Investments


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