Veros Adopts ASF LINC

Veros Real Estate Solutions, a provider of enterprise risk management and collateral valuation services, has adopted the American Securitization Forum (ASF) Loan Identification Number Code (ASF LINC). The system, developed by ASF in conjunction with Standard & Poor's Fixed Income Risk Management Services (FIRMS), provides a global industry standard to help securitizers, investors and other stakeholders identify key attributes of individual assets in loan pools.

The ASF LINC system assigns 16-digit alphanumeric number designating collateral type, origination date, country of origin, a unique identifier code and an algorithmic check digit for authentication. Using the ASF LINC number, loan performance data is linked to the correct loan in the appropriate pool, providing enhanced reporting and disclosure for investors, according to the system's designers.
Veros' president and CEO, Darius Bozorgi, says the company's adoption of ASF LINC is a ‘very natural fit,’ given the company's partnership for analytcis with S&P's FIRMS.

"The ASF LINC system brings a standardized vehicle for tracking loans and linking them to relevant metrics and valuation data, no matter how many times they have been bought, sold or securitized," Bozorgi explains. "It is assigned at no cost to issuers and is stored in a central loan data repository administered by S&P FIRMS, where it remains as a means to help monitor performance throughout the entire life of the loan."

SOURCE: Veros Real Estate Solutions


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