Visionet Releases Repurchase And Claims Management Suite v3.0

Visionet Systems has made available its updated VisiRepurchase and VisiClaims products. VisiRepurchase is used to manage residential mortgage repurchase demands by investors, and VisiClaims is used to initiate claims in line with the parameters of various seller's agreements.

These software solutions improve efficiency by automating routine operations, enforcing rules and reducing costs for the risk operations department, the company says.

VisiRepurchase, originally launched in July 2006, was designed to manage 400 to 500 demands per month, the average repurchase volume at the largest U.S. banks at that time. However, the recent meltdown has pushed the repurchase activity to an unprecedented level, and Visionet redesigned VisiRepurchase and VisiClaims to manage these larger loan volumes and additional users.

The solutions can support bulk repurchases, appeals, demands, claims and data updates, Visionet says. Both products utilize state-of-the-art workflow and rules engine technologies and can be reconfigured to satisfy changing business and regulatory needs, the company adds.

SOURCE: Visionet Systems


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