We Save Homes Undergoes Rebranding

e Homes Inc. has begun to market itself under the name Servicers Direct. The company says the new name more accurately represents its services and new business strategy. ‘Our focus is now centered on providing a full range of products and services for commercial and residential mortgage servicers throughout the nation,’ says company president Robert Schaefers. ‘We are now poised to experience significant growth in the specialist mortgage market by focusing on providing the following offerings: REO management and servicing, property preservation, property inspections, licensed independent escrow services, and short-sale processing and negotiations.’ The company plans to formally change its name when it seeks shareholder approval at its annual shareholders meeting later this year. The company has also launched a new website – [link=http://www.servicersdirect.com]www.servicersdirect.com[/link] – in conjunction with the anticipated name change. SOURCE: [link=http://www.servicersdirect.com]We Save Homes


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