Wells Fargo Funding Authorizes Encompass360 As E-Signing Tech Partner

Wells Fargo Funding has approved Encompass360, Ellie Mae's mortgage management solution, for e-signing and e-delivery of disclosure documents, the tech provider reports.

Users of Encompass360 can now meet Wells Fargo Funding submission requirements after electronically delivering disclosure documents to borrowers, as well as in having borrowers electronically upload, sign and deliver disclosures back to the lender via Ellie Mae's WebCenter – a consumer portal that connects borrowers to their originator's Encompass360 system.

To use the e-signing process, Encompass360 users must enable borrower access to their disclosures through CenterWise, Ellie Mae's Web and electronic document management solution. Encompass360 then transmits the documents, instructs borrowers on how to proceed with each step in the process and delivers the disclosure documents to the borrower's file within the user's Encompass360 system.

SOURCE: Ellie Mae


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