Wolters Kluwer Disclosures Now Available Through eMagic

eMagic, an e-commerce subsidiary of Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corp., has announced that Wolters Kluwer Financial Services' initial home loan disclosures are now available from within the eMagic service fulfillment platform.

eMagic customers can add Wolters Kluwer Financial Services disclosures to the eMagic platform's Trio Folder and then deliver them securely through the eMagic Message Center, providing an audit trail of when documents were sent out as well as whenever documents are returned, the companies say.

Additionally, the disclosure-ordering process automatically pulls certain company information to include on the disclosures.

‘Our relationship with Wolters Kluwer streamlines the process for eMagic customers,’ explains eMagic Director Chad Northington. ‘By adding the convenience of accessing loan program and state-specific mortgage disclosure documents from within eMagic, users are able to continue their workflow without disruption.’

SOURCES: EMagic LLC, Wolters Kluwer Financial Services


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