Wolters Kluwers Creates RESPA Web Site

polis-based Wolters Kluwer Financial Services has announced the launch of the company's new RESPA Resource Center, a Web site devoted to providing lenders with practical information that will help them address the Department of Housing & Urban Development's new requirements. According to the company, the new site provides lenders with up-to-date information on related laws, including the Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act, the Housing and Economic Recovery Act and the Truth-in-Lending Act. Lenders can also sign up for e-mail alerts that will notify them of proposed changes and updated developments tied to these regulations. The new site is located at www.WoltersKluwerFS.com/RESPA, and its content will also include free access to articles, a blog and other RESPA-related information. SOURCE: Wolters Kluwer Financial Serv


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