Zoot Enterprises Launches Credit Risk Management Solution

http://www.zootweb.com/press/07302009-Zoot-launches-Credit-Risk-Lab.html][u]Zoot Enterprises[/u][/link] has brought to market its Credit Risk Lab, which the company says enables credit risk managers to rapidly respond to changing market conditions and consumer behavior. In a non-production environment, the solution gives managers the opportunity to experiment with new credit risk policy strategies. ‘The Credit Risk Lab allows financial institutions to quickly evaluate consumer behavior against new ideas, using their own performance data, and determine whether or not the proposed policy will be effective," explains Tom Johnson, vice president of product development at Zoot. "This helps financial institutions learn from experience, rather than simply react to their environment.’ The tool allows lenders to shorten the cycle of making changes to attributes and scorecards to determine what is most predictive in the current environment. Business users have control over the entire cycle of developing an idea, coding attributes in the tool, running the attribute tests and evaluating the results. The solution also has an interface that allows users to experiment with unlimited variations of attribute definitions to evaluate which ones will be the most effective, Zoot says. Using the data from that analysis, credit risk managers can then identify a new strategy in less than 48 hours. SOURCE: [link=http://www.zootweb.com/press/07302009-Zoot-launches-Credit-Risk-Lab.html]Zoot Enterprises


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