Zoot Services Target Post-M&A Tech Conversions

Zoot, which provides financial institutions with credit decisioning and loan origination solutions, is offering its services to institutions that must convert platforms following a merger or acquisition.

‘Our first-hand experience assisting large banks with IT integrations following mergers and acquisitions has helped many of our clients achieve outstanding results," says Dennis Dixon, president of Zoot Enterprises. "We were able to bring a merger of two of our largest clients to market within six months, meeting a promised deadline to shareholders. In another instance, Zoot was able to reduce the merged institutions' decisioning costs to one-tenth of their previous expense."

Zoot assists clients that are merging large-scale technology solutions by proactively engaging with both companies to clarify the business goals of the newly combined financial institutions, supporting the organizations' specific technology requirements and providing configurable technology solutions that bring together the chosen elements of both institutions' prior solutions, the company says.



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