Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Veros: Expect Significant Softening of Home Prices in 2019

Home price appreciation will continue to slow in most markets through 2019, with more markets entering into negative territory, according to the...

Housing Starts Jumped in November But Builder Confidence Dropped

A day after the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) announced that builder confidence in the market for...

First-Time Homebuyers Accounted for 55% of All Purchase Mortgages in Q3

First-time homebuyers made up a larger share of total home sales in the third quarter compared with a year earlier, however, there aren’t enough...

Three Technologies Having the Greatest Impact on Home Buying

Streamlining time-consuming processes, as well as delivering an improved consumer experience, is top of mind for real estate professionals.

To Combat Rising Origination Costs, Lenders Should Focus on Valuation

Mortgage lenders are still somehow missing out on the efficiencies to be gained in a key part of the process: the appraisal.

The Calm After the Storm: Regulatory Relief in the Wake of HMDA

At the time mandatory HMDA compliance took effect in January, the number of required data fields more than doubled from 44 to 110.

Zombie Foreclosures a Thing of the Past – Or Are They?

We’re down to the last of the zombies.Zombie foreclosures, that is… you know, the foreclosures where the owner “walked away” because they were seriously...

Rate Lock-In Effect Has Homeowners ‘Imprisoned’ in Their Existing Homes

Rising mortgage rates are creating a financial disincentive that's preventing existing homeowners from selling.

Housing Starts Fell in September, Hurricane Recovery Won’t Help

The recovery from hurricanes Michael and Florence will likely slow housing starts in the months to come.

The Peculiarities of New York’s Commercial Mortgage Tax Laws

There are certain oddities of the New York mortgage tax that out-of-state practitioners should be aware of...

Lack of Inventory: The Affordability Killer

Low inventory and high home prices resulted in pending home sales falling 1.8% in August to a score of 104.2 on the the National...

Dane Smith: Technology Will Become a Larger Factor in Non-QM

There’s more than $200 billion annually in un-met demand from U.S. borrowers who are creditworthy but don’t fit in the conventional or government credit box.

Compliance Complacency in Loss Mitigation

As the default market reaches historically low delinquency rates, mortgage servicers must avoid becoming complacent when it comes to compliance.

Mortgage Companies Must Embrace a ‘Paperless’ Future

Now is the time for mortgage professionals to "go green."

Borrowers Increasingly Initiating Contact with Mortgage Lenders Online

Borrower online activity has accelerated over the last decade, becoming common in every phase of the mortgage process.

Housing Starts Disappoint as Builders Grapple With Rising Costs

The critical factor is not whether permits are increasing on a month-over-month basis but rather if they are keeping up with demand, which is based, in part, on population growth.

Harnessing the Power of Mobile Loan Origination

Mortgage lenders across the industry are reporting high levels of stress as they struggle to maintain loan volumes in an increasingly challenging environment. Volume...

Survey: Average Closing Costs For Single-Family Home Now About $5,600

Report shows that closing costs can vary greatly from area to area.

Refinance Share of Mortgage Volume Continues to Fall

Helping to drive the decrease in refinance share in June was rising mortgage interest rates.

Reports: Millennials Face Numerous Obstacles to Homeownership

Two recent reports show that millennials are facing some major hurdles when it comes to homeownership.A recent report from the Urban Institute, funded through...