Sunday, March 18, 2018

Quest Advisors Using TRK’s Insight RDM Mortgage QC Audit Platform

Mortgage quality assurance firm Quest Advisors is using TRK Connection’s cloud-based QC audit platform, Insight...

MPF Program Now Using LoanScorecard’s PPE

The Mortgage Partnership Finance (MPF) Program of the Federal Home Loan Bank System is now...

LERETA Seeks to Standardize the Delinquent Tax Research Format

LERETA, a provider of tax data to mortgage servicers, has launched advanced Tax Status Reports...

Flagstar Bank: The Implications of the New Tax Code

Overall, new caps on the mortgage interest deduction and local and state property tax deductions won't have much of an impact on the housing market - but some segments will be affected more than others.

Flagstar Bank Staying ‘Focused on the Originator’ with TPO Technology Initiatives

Brian Vieaux discusses Flagstar’s approach to technology as it relates to the bank's broker and correspondent lines of business.

The Revival of the Construction-to-Permanent Mortgage

Construction-to-permanent loans are regaining popularity as a solution to the pesky problem of “little-to-no-inventory.”