Safeguard Properties Drives Vendor Network Growth Despite Industry Hardships

    Safeguard Properties Drives Vendor Network Growth Despite Industry Hardships

    It’s no secret that since the pandemic began nearly three years ago, the property preservation industry has been forced to adapt and adjust to continue to preserve and protect property assets across the country.

    Throughout forbearance and the foreclosure moratorium, volume has declined to unprecedented levels not seen in the past decades. In industry conferences throughout 2022, we have seen concerns and reports related to the challenge in finding vendors or inspectors to complete field services work.

    Despite these headwinds, Safeguard Properties continues to have consistent success in finding, vetting and onboarding vendors and inspectors throughout the country. In October, Safeguard added over 275 subcontractors that complete inspections, preservation and yard/snow services to our network. When looking at 2022 as a whole, that number jumps to more than 4,200 people working at the numerous preservation, lawn service, inspection and various trades that comprise the Safeguard network – all of whom are being vetted under the Safeguard standard of excellence.

    According to Michael Greenbaum, Safeguard Properties’ COO, vendors are ready and prepared for volume.

    “We have the network available to support double the volume we currently have,” he says. “Whether additional volume comes from an uptick in foreclosure activity or onboarding new clients, we have vendors that are hungry for it.”

    Through the creation of vendor partnership programs with long-term vendor affiliates, work on the current pricing model, and a dedicated recruiting team, Safeguard Properties has managed to not only maintain but also grow a nationwide vendor network.

    “I can’t say it enough – the team we have established is ready to go to work,” Greenbaum adds. “They know and understand the property preservation industry and how to be successful. This network is ready to attack the work as it grows here at Safeguard.”

    Safeguard Properties is the nation’s largest and best field service company, serving the default mortgage industry for over 30 years. Our vendor network covers all 50 states as well as Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Guam. Safeguard is committed to delivering the highest quality to our clients, working in partnership to safeguard their assets and uphold the value of all properties managed.

    For more information on property preservation services provided by Safeguard Properties, please visit or contact Carrie Tackett, Business Development, at

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