1st Metropolitan Mortgage Introduces BrightGreen Mortgage Program


1st Metropolitan Mortgage, a national mortgage originator, says it has made a commitment to making the mortgage origination process more environmentally friendly by introducing its national BrightGreen Mortgage program. The program will give originators the tools and support to produce mortgages in a more environmentally friendly manner while saving borrowers time and money.

The mission of the BrightGreen Mortgage is to provide consumers personalized service and a variety of loan products with competitive rates while acting in a more socially responsible manner.

‘We do not have to be environmental activists or make radical lifestyle changes to have a significant, positive effect on our environment,’ says Daniel Jacobs, 1st Metropolitan CEO. ‘Simple acts go a long way to preserving our future.’

The BrightGreen Mortgage program is available for all loan types, including Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA, Rural Development and jumbo loans. Each loan type will be able to take advantage of varying components of the BrightGreen Mortgage objectives.

1st Metropolitan will provide ongoing training to help participating branches become more eco-friendly and create innovative community involvement campaigns for sustainability. The company will also plant a new tree for each loan closed as part of the BrightGreen Mortgage program.

Source: 1st Metropolitan Mortgage

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