31 More Counties Now Using Simplifile’s E-Recording Platform


An additional 31 counties in 16 states are now using Simplifile’s e-recording software, the company reports.

With the addition of these counties, Simplifile’s e-recording platform is now being used by jurisdictions covering more than 80% of the total U.S. population.

To date, 1,773 jurisdictions are participants in the Simplifile e-recording network, the company says in a release.

The following jurisdictions are now using Simplifile’s e-recording network:

  • Mono County, Calif.
  • Butte County, Idaho
  • Franklin County, Idaho
  • Stephenson County, Ill.
  • Adams County, Ill.
  • Orange County, Ind.
  • Labette County, Kan.
  • Menominee County, Mich.
  • Manistee County, Mich.
  • Carlton County, Minn.
  • Lewis County, Mo.
  • Ozark County, Mo.
  • Ralls County, Mo.
  • Shannon County, Mo.
  • Anaconda-Deer Lodge, Mont.
  • Lincoln County, Nev.
  • McHenry County, N.D.
  • Mountrail County, N.D.
  • Hocking County, Ohio
  • Wallowa County, Ore.
  • Curry County, Ore.
  • Fall River County, S.D.
  • Charles Mix County, S.D.
  • Pennington County, S.D.
  • Jim Wells County, Texas
  • Liberty County, Texas
  • San Juan County, Wash.
  • Ferry County, Wash.
  • Kewaunee County, Wis.
  • Platte County, Wyo.
  • Washakie County, Wyo.

The recording offices located within in these jurisdictions now have the ability to securely and electronically receive, send, process, and record documents in minutes through Simplifile’s system, thereby reducing processing times and allowing for greater transparency into the e-recording process.

The Simplifile system also provides county recording offices, settlement agents, and lenders with the opportunity to adopt Simplifile’s collaboration and post-closing tools, which offers them a centralized electronic space to complete the closing transaction.

“County recording offices must work with settlement agents, lenders, and local government offices to perform the complex function of accurately and lawfully documenting property records on behalf of the community,” says Paul Clifford, president of Simplifile. “Simplifile’s e-recording platform provides counties with a powerful tool to modernize and streamline the process of recording deeds, titles and other property records. What’s more, those process efficiency gains made by district recording offices are then passed on to homebuyers, settlement agents, realtors and lenders.”

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