AccountChek Now Integrated With Rate Reset

Rate Reset, offering automated loan retention and acquisition software for lenders, has selected AccountChek by FormFree as its technology provider for automated asset verification.

Rate Reset says it helps portfolio lenders retain more loans by letting borrowers reset their adjustable-rate loans online. Rate Reset also offers solutions to assist lenders with loan acquisition and generation.

Integrating AccountChek with Rate Reset means lenders using Rate Reset can now much more quickly evaluate borrowers for creditworthiness. With fast, paperless verification of borrower ability-to-repay, Rate Reset can now determine in just seconds the ability of customers to pay back loans – without the hassle of collecting bank statements or other asset documents.

“AccountChek has been instrumental in Rate Reset’s evolution from a provider of automated loan retention software to a full-service digital loan solution,” says Keith Kelly, CEO and co-founder of Rate Reset. “In a matter of minutes, consumers can change the terms of an existing loan to better fit their budget or pre-qualify for a new loan, all without stopping to collect paperwork.”


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