Accurate Group Approved by Fannie Mae for New Initiative


Accurate Group, a provider of real estate appraisal, title data, analytics and e-closing solutions, has been approved by Fannie Mae for the new Value Acceptance + Property Data valuation modernization initiative.

Accurate Group’s appraisal modernization and property data collection suite, powered by ValueNet and GroundWorks, meets the data standards for all industry appraisal modernization initiatives on the market.

Lenders who use ValueNet and GroundWorks technologies and processes on purchase and refinance origination loans eligible for Fannie Mae’s Value Acceptance + Property Data experience reduced cycle times, cost savings and greater accuracy.

“We are one of two companies listed under the approved service providers for Fannie Mae’s Value Acceptance + Property Data that also offer title and closing solutions in addition to valuation services,” says Paul Doman, president and CEO of Accurate Group. “Accurate Group is also leading the charge on digitizing other critical steps in the real estate lending process, including expanding AppraisalWorks, our affiliate’s appraisal management platform, to include title and closing services.”

AppraisalWorks now offers lenders the option to utilize on-boarded approved service providers on Fannie Mae’s Value Acceptance + Property Data list in order to empower lenders to choose multiple providers.

AppraisalWorks provides an agnostic SaaS platform to lenders and servicers for managing the broader valuation process. Clients using AppraisalWorks are able to build a vendor panel of AMCs, appraisers, or both, and use the system to manage their orders with all providers in a centralized location.

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