ACES Announces Partnership with Document Processing Firm Infrrd


ACES Quality Management is partnering with Infrrd to provide AI-powered intelligent mortgage document processing to clients.

When used in conjunction with ACES Quality Management & Control software, Infrrd’s technology helps lenders improve the efficiency of their quality control (QC) reviews by indexing, categorizing and reviewing the accuracy of loan file documents prior to review.

“We’re thrilled at the opportunity to empower our users with the capability to leverage state-of-the-art innovations like Infrrd that lead to improved efficiency in QC reviews and, ultimately, enhanced loan quality,” says Trevor Gauthier, CEO for ACES, in a release. “Infrrd as an ACES ENGAGE sponsor is fitting, as our event focuses on empowering QC professionals to get the most out of our platform and partners. We look forward to seeing everyone in Arizona, May 19-21.”

Infrrd assists mortgage companies in safely adopting artificial intelligence (AI) across various facets of the mortgage process. With a focus on research, innovation and customer-centric automation technology, Infrrd has launched a new platform designed to streamline pre-close and post-close auditing processes.

Key functionalities of Infrrd’s QC tool include the following:

  • Process loan packages for mortgage QC process;
  • Classification, Stacking and Extraction of key data points from the loan package;
  • Config-driven detection and tracking of missing loan documents;
  • Automated detection of data discrepancies across all loan documents and electronic files;
  • CD Balancer for comparing data between Lender CD, Title CD, and loan origination system (LOS); and
  • Complete audit trail of user and imported data updates

“We are eager to collaborate with ACES to deliver AI-powered solutions that address critical challenges in mortgage document processing and help deliver first-mover advantage for all AI trailblazers in the mortgage industry,” says Amit Jnagal, CEO of Infrrd. “Our new QC 
solution offers unparalleled capabilities to streamline auditing processes and ensure compliance, enabling mortgage companies to enhance  operational efficiency and mitigate compliance risks.”

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