ACI Rolls Out API For FHA’s EAD Portal

ACI, a First American company, reports that it has developed a custom integration with the Federal Housing Administration’s (FHA) Electronic Appraisal Delivery (EAD) portal, which all FHA appraisers are required to start using on June 27.

ACI claims it is among the first appraisal technology providers to offer full integration with the EAD portal, through which mortgagees, third-party service providers and other authorized users can electronically deliver FHA origination appraisal reports prior to endorsement.

Appraisal reports uploaded to the portal must comply with the FHA’s Appraisal Report and Data Delivery Guide. The portal’s software checks each submission against FHA requirements and returns a detailed status message indicating the submission’s success or failure.

Certain critical data errors, such as those that cause data conflicts between the EAD portal and FHA Connection, must be remedied before the submission can be successfully transmitted. Other lesser discrepancies may be accepted but will be flagged by the portal for lender review.

ACI claims that with its application programming interface (API), appraisal management companies and individual appraisers can be EAD-ready in a matter of weeks. This spares them from having to conduct their own extensive coding and testing.

“Companies are considering assigning full-time resources just to handle all the EAD testing,” says George Opelka, senior vice president of sales and marketing at ACI. “We’re pleased that we can not only handle the initial coding and testing for our clients, but also offer ongoing support in case of submission issues down the road or later changes to the EAD requirements.”


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