Agile Adds HilltopSecurities to its Broker-Dealer Network


HilltopSecurities, a full-service investment bank and wealth advisory firm, has joined Agile’s broker-dealer network.

Agile clients already approved with HilltopSecurities will automatically see the firm added as an option for individual and competitive trading, and clients interested in an introduction can contact Agile or work with their HilltopSecurities representative for more information, the company says in a release.

“Providing better execution, liquidity, and transparency to mortgage lenders is a key element in the expansion of Hilltop’s mortgage business,” says HilltopSecurities’ Justin Tannen. “We cover a wide array of products and have a large customer base of non-originators, so partnering with Agile was an easy decision to make. It allows us to assist a large network of lenders, helping us round out the end-accounts we trade with.

“Given our deep reach in the mortgage world, we are in a unique position to use our superior liquidity to provide better pricing to lenders – which they need now more than ever amid heightened volatility and wide bid/ask spreads,” Tannen adds. “Our goal is to tighten markets and improve liquidity – we will never bid or offer behind the screens. Ultimately, we want to be a one stop shop for lenders: between our own originator, Prime Lending, the warehouse lending we provide through our bank, Plains Capital, and us at HilltopSecurities, we are well-positioned to compete in this sector and Agile helps us get there.”

Agile’s broker-dealer network now consists of 20 broker-dealers with access to a growing pool of mortgage lenders who trade TBAs.

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