Alex Rayner Partners with Service First Mortgage to Launch Haymaker Home Loans


Alex Rayner, a top-producing loan officer, has announced a strategic partnership with Service First Mortgage to create Haymaker Home Loans, a next-generation mortgage company focused on top producers’ success.

The new venture aims to provide unparalleled resources and exceptional customer service for loan officers and their clients, according to a release.

Rayner has more than a decade of experience in the mortgage industry, with a proven track record of success in loan origination and customer service. He has held prominent positions at leading mortgage firms, consistently achieving top producer status. His expertise in loan structuring, market analysis, and client relations has earned him a reputation as a leader in the industry.

“Our goal is to offer exceptional customer service while empowering loan officers with the tools and support they need to succeed,” Rayner says in the release. “By leveraging Service First Mortgage’s advanced technology and industry-leading support team, Haymaker Home Loans is positioned to make an immediate impact in the market.”

Partnering with Service First Mortgage provides Haymaker Home Loans with instant access to cutting-edge products, services, and technology.

“Service First Mortgage’s exceptional technology and support sets us apart,” Rayner says. “Their industry-leading reputation and resources give our loan officers the competitive edge needed to thrive.”

The decision to collaborate with Service First Mortgage was significantly influenced by the company’s continued growth and success, even during challenging times when many mortgage companies are contracting or closing.

“Service First Mortgage’s resilience and proven track record were decisive factors in my decision,” Rayner says. “Their execution ensures that we can provide consistent, high-quality service to our clients.”

For top-producing loan officers contemplating starting their own mortgage company, Rayner offers a persuasive perspective.

“Starting a mortgage company from scratch is a daunting task, requiring substantial time and capital,” he says. “By partnering with Service First Mortgage, you gain immediate access to essential resources and support, allowing you to focus on what you do best – originating loans and serving clients.”

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