Alight Mortgage Solutions Rebrands to Riivos Inc.


Alight Mortgage Solutions, which offers budgeting, reporting and forecasting applications specifically engineered for mortgage lending, is officially changing its name to Riivos Inc.

“We’re changing our name because as we move into our next phase of growth, we want to stand out and be unique with a name that we can own, protect and build meaning into,“ says Michele McGovern, CEO, in an email to clients. “Alongside clients like you, we’ve been pioneering a new field of continuous value chain management, and wanted to have a unique new name that could become synonymous with this unique, new field.

“As you probably know, we’ve been working hard to help the mining and mortgage industries achieve superior financial results by successfully navigating highly complex and ambiguous business scenarios,” McGovern says. “Based on this work, we now see there are additional industries with similar challenges we feel could benefit from their own dedicated applications. That’s why we’ll be launching additional verticals, including life sciences and oil and gas later this year.”

McGovern adds that the company will continue to operate as it has been.

“Your point-of-contact/team will not change – and most importantly, nor will the products or services we provide to you,” she says in the email.

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