AllRegs Releases Customizable Policy And Procedure Manual Templates

s, an information provider for the mortgage industry, has released its Policy and Procedure Manual Templates. The templates, delivered as Microsoft Word documents, can be personalized by lenders to reflect a company brand and include their own internal policies and procedures. There are currently five customizable regulatory and operational Policy and Procedure Manuals available, including the following: [list] Anti-Predatory Lending Policy Manual, *Conforming Agency Quality Control Manual, *FHA Mini-Eagle Quality Control Manual, *Mortgage Underwriting Policy and Procedure Manual, and *Red Flags Identity Theft Plan.[/list] "Developing a policy and procedure manual is a necessary yet costly process, both in terms of time and resources," says Dan Thoms, senior vice president for AllRegs. "Creating these detailed manuals can take the focus away from actually conducting your business. Our Policy and Procedure Manual Templates are a turnkey solution that keeps you focused on your business goals while still meeting important agency, regulatory or corporate policy requirements." Additional manuals and guides are in development on topics such as broker approval and monitoring, consumer privacy and information security, quality control for conventional loans, loan operations, human resources, regulatory compliance and secondary marketing/warehouse lending. SOURCE:


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