AMC ValuAmerica Integrates With Mercury Network Platform

ValuAmerica, a national title agency, appraisal management company (AMC) and technology provider, has integrated into the Mercury Network vendor management platform.

Lenders using the Mercury Network vendor management solution can now place appraisal orders with ValuAmerica and streamline communications by automatically passing order statuses and documents – all without modifying lenders' workflow.

According to ValuAmerica, Mercury Network will route orders to the AMC based on each lender's specific assignment and compliance requirements. The system captures a complete audit trail of the assignment.

‘Our partnership with Mercury Network will help streamline appraisal ordering, management and payment. And, it eliminates duplicative data entry on multiple systems, which can create errors,’ says Shawn Murphy, ValuAmerica's executive vice president. ‘Lenders utilizing Mercury Network will see efficiency gains in their appraisal management process.’


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