Amerant Mortgage Leveraging Empower LOS for Retail, Correspondent Channels


Amerant Mortgage, a subsidiary of Amerant Bank, says it is deploying Black Knight Inc.’s Empower LOS and wider suite of origination solutions to enhance its operations.

Amerant Mortgage, which is using the Empower “rapid implementation model” in order to get up and running within a few months, will rely on the Empower LOS to electronically process loans for its retail and correspondent channels on a single platform. Empower automates the processing of certain tasks based on the lender’s configuration, monitoring for key data changes – or a lack of necessary changes – and triggering automated or manual tasks to be completed based on lender-configurable logic.

The company will also use Black Knight’s Seller Digital correspondent lending platform to track commitment pipelines, manage conditions and validate pricing to register, lock best efforts loans and allocate mandatory loans to commitments.

“Empower’s scalability and advanced functionality will support Amerant Mortgage’s lending needs, while the added suite of origination solutions positions the organization to gain more efficient operations and deeper insight,” says Rich Gagliano, president of Black Knight Origination Technologies.

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