America To Honey Boo Boo: Stay Out Of Our Neighborhood!

12977_honey America To Honey Boo Boo: Stay Out Of Our Neighborhood! Would you like to live next door to Honey Boo Boo and her family? Well, consider yourself to be in a very lonely minority: The rambunctious kiddie beauty pageant star and her lumpy family topped Zillow's sixth annual survey of the least desirable celebrity neighbors.

More than one in five surveyed Americans (21%) found the cast of the reality show ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ to be the most undesirable celebrity neighbors of 2012. Following close behind were the couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at 18% and Donald Trump at 12%. Lance Armstrong and Clint Eastwood trailed at 2%, respectively, followed by Taylor Swift and Kristen Stewart (either solo or with on-again/off-again beau Robert Pattinson) at 1% each.

‘This year we noticed a trend on the worst-neighbor side; for three years in a row now, the casts of reality television shows have dominated the top of our worst celebrity neighbor list,’ says Zillow Chief Marketing Officer Amy Bohutinsky. ‘Not surprisingly, celebrities with full-time camera crews, in addition to paparazzi, aren't America's top choices to live next door.’

Meanwhile, 45% of the 1,006 adults surveyed for this story said they would not want to live next to any celebrities listed in the poll. This is up slightly from 42% in last year's poll.

But that's not to say that everyone prefers to keep the celebrities out of their neighborhood. Ten percent of the adults surveyed by Zillow said that they would like to be neighbors with country music couple Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton. Also receiving a ‘welcome to the neighborhood’ vote were Reese Witherspoon and Taylor Swift, who tied for second place at 9%, followed by Jon Stewart at 8%.

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