American Financial Network Gains Efficiencies with CompenSafe


American Financial Network is now using CompenSafe, LBA Ware’s automated incentive compensation and sales performance management platform, to provide real-time reporting of loan originator compensation.

American Financial Network (AFN) is a mortgage lender with more than 125 branches nationwide.

Before implementing CompenSafe, AFN’s staff accountant manually calculated and tracked commissions using a spreadsheet.

LOs did not see their commissions until they received their semi-monthly payroll checks.

Now, CompenSafe provides LOs and their managers with real-time commission information as soon as loans are funded, LBA Ware says in a release.

By automating the compensation process, AFN has reduced its accountants’ administrative workload, enabling AFN to move from semi-monthly to weekly payment of LO commissions without any increase in payroll staff.

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