AmeriSave Mortgage Now Using AccountChek For Auto-Verification


AmeriSave Mortgage Corp. is the latest lender to sign up for FormFree‘s AccountChek automated verification software.

FormFree reports that AmeriSave has integrated AccountChek into its mortgage origination platform.

“Our goal is to ensure that the information we receive is safe and secure,” says Dave Ryan, executive vice president of operations for AmeriSave, in a release. “Implementing AccountChek into our loan origination platform helps us continue to maintain accurate, protected and verified information.”

FormFree eliminates the need to collect, copy and submit financial statements in order to qualify for a mortgage. As such, it helps lenders significantly streamline the mortgage process, which, in turn, helps boost customer satisfaction.

“Ensuring exceptional customer service in a timely fashion is a priority at AmeriSave,” says Ed Abufaris, president of AmeriSave. “AccountChek allows us to better facilitate the needs of our customers by offering secure and accurate verification of their assets.”

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