Arch Mortgage Insurance Now Integrated with Mortgage Cadence


Mortgage Cadence, an Accenture company, has integrated Arch Mortgage Insurance Co.’s (Arch MI) mortgage insurance platform into the Mortgage Cadence Enterprise Lending Center (ELC).

This will provide Mortgage Cadence users with direct access to its mortgage insurance risk-based pricing, the companies say in a release.

The Mortgage Cadence ELC facilitates lending in all forward and reverse mortgage channels and across all mortgage products, including home equity.

With the integration of Arch MI’s platform, ELC users can efficiently obtain mortgage insurance quotes from Arch MI RateStar.

RateStar provides rates based on a thorough understanding of the underlying risk, helping to ensure that competitive pricing and eligibility information is included in each quote.

The ELC platform automatically saves mortgage insurance pricing data and stores the RateStar quote PDF and certificate of insurance in the Mortgage Cadence Imaging Center – an automated document capture and classification solution – for easy viewing and future reference.

With the integration of Arch MI’s platform, Mortgage Cadence’s Imaging Center customers can deliver non-delegated loan documents to Arch MI without resorting to external websites, providing a complete and simplified on-platform user experience.

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